Puppies, Presence, and Passageways

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift…that’s why they call it present.” ~ Master Oogway

So about two months ago, a new puppy joined our family. We’d been considering adding a new furry baby to our household for over a year, as a companion and playmate for our “first born” dog, Rosie.  It was apparently meant to be — some very cool synchronicities brought our puppy to us.  We love the fact that she had been named Ellie by her previous family, but we didn’t know that when we chose to name her Ellie ourselves, based on her photo.  She is one of the sweetest creatures I’ve ever met.  She’s hilarious, derpy and has a contagious joie de vivre.  At the same time, has managed to kick my ass with her insightful puppy-style life-lessons.

Ellie, my mighty little teacher

Within her first week with us, through her example she taught me how I’ve not been living in the present, but instead have been mentally fragmented, living all too often with my mind “elsewhere.”  There’s always something – home, kids, news, friends, family, entertainment …exhaustion.  It’s a busy, busy, world after all.  Doesn’t modern life require this of me?

Meanwhile, Ellie lives full-out — at least until she exhausts herself and needs to sleep it off. 🙂  Eat, Drink, Poop, Pee, Play, Sleep. Repeat.  Puppies live in the moment.  It doesn’t always work quite like that for us — we have too many demands.  Or, at least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

I’ve been reminded of the ways I’ve fragmented myself by not connecting back to a sense of PRESENCE in a consistent way in my daily life.  I thought that my meditation practice and physical exercise routines were enough to stay grounded.   For Ellie, being present is a way of life.  I’m realizing now that I was intellectualizing what it means to be living in the moment. It has become more apparent than ever that we can opt-out of “being present” at any moment through our phones, TVs and computers.  The technology age we’re living in has us in an interesting dichotomy of “connection-disconnection.”  The “fear of missing out” (see all the #FOMO on Twitter) can cause us to stretch our consciousness thin.  Despite having come out of my “Dark Night of the Soul” recently (see my last blog), I’ve still at times felt a bit of a void as it relates to my sense of connection to my own life as well as my connection to others.  Ellie has reminded me that this missing piece isn’t found in the brilliance of my mind, or in “getting it all done,” or lamenting what I might be missing out on.  It’s found in the emotional space of my heart.  Living in the moment is Sacred Space. It is Presence.

Here are a few examples of Ellie’s Sacred Space (and reflections):

All the times she’s kissed my face and attempted to make eye contact during her middle of the night potty -training sessions.  Actually, she does this all day long too! 🙂 (It can be so easy to forget to look people in the eyes and offer meaningful gratitude when we’ve been helped by them.  Family, friends, and strangers.)

All her unbridled enthusiasm and happiness for having basic needs met, such as a new bowl of water, an ice cube or refill of puppy food. (Stay grateful for all the ways you’re provided for, without focusing on what’s missing.)

All of her unconditionally loving attempts to snuggle with Rosie (even though Rosie isn’t into snuggling with her).  She doesn’t give up trying to be close to her at nap time.  No offense is ever taken, she simply adjusts and settles somewhere else. (Check in with yourself when you feel you’ve become closed-off to others, and be willing to risk the vulnerability of connection, even despite past experiences of pain or rejection.)

Her obvious happiness when feeling the breeze on her face on walks.  She usually stops to let it blow her ears back. Rosie, too!  (I aspire to take time each day to appreciate the beauty that is around me.)

Becoming Present is the is the first step on the PASSAGEWAY* toward a destined life of connection, fulfillment, and joy.

Sending good vibes full of Presence (and puppy kisses from Ellie and Rosie!)


*PS:  I’m currently changing the scope of my Intuitive Practice.  I won’t be offering full-life intuitive readings for the time being as I’m in the process of creating a transformational program:  The PASSAGEWAY method.  This mentoring program will offer tools, strategies, and guidance that is aimed at assisting those who are experiencing archetypal (soul scheduled) changes and transitions. I’ll be focusing on:

~ personal transformation cycles
~ parenting (especially in adolescences and teens)
~ relationship issues
~ vocation and career challenges

Check for my updates on Facebook as well and thank you for checking out my site!!! 🙂