I provide intuitive consultation at $125 per 60-minute phone session. Appointments are available weekdays during daytime hours (Eastern), and some evening hours.

Before making an appointment, I recommend that you examine what deeply held issues, patterns, or concerns you are interested in exploring. I ask for open-mindedness and personal responsibility in response to the messages that come through. The human spirit is lovingly honest and respectful, and has a way of simplifying soul lessons at their core level. For this reason, I have found these exchanges to be empowering and healing as soul patterns and traits are witnessed and recognized. My intention is to create the opportunity for an exchange that is safe, validating, and supportive in encouraging my clients’ natural ability to recognize and honor the wisdom of his or her own spirit’s voice.

To allow me to further prepare for your session, I ask that you send a short list of any questions you would like me to address.

I will conduct a cold reading in advance of our phone session. During our time together, I will relay my prior impressions and continue to tune in further to the messages I receive. At this time, I encourage a give and take in order to gain additional clarity and understanding of your Soul Path.

To make an appointment, or if you have any questions, I can be reached by phone at 215-771-4852.

“I just had my first intuitive consultation with Tania and I was speechless! At first, to some, the thought of having a ‘reading’ can be scary, ‘weird’ or just entering into an unknown territory. As a busy working mom and wife, I have so many responsibilities and time commitments that it can be overwhelming. However, this reading gave me an empowerment and self recognition that is amazing. At the end of the reading, I actually felt a clearing and comforting sense of energy throughout my being that gave me a renewed energy to go about my daily living. This was a beautiful experience and gift that you deserve and should give to yourself. Tania is amazing and puts you at ease, relaxes you and really gives you a gift of self awareness!” — K. D.

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