Tania Morelli, Intuitive Teacher

taniaI’ve spent my adult life studying and practicing in the field of spirituality (and closet mysticism), and have been educated in a variety of modalities related to spiritual development.  While I grew up in a devout Roman Catholic tradition, my first true experiences in the realm of meditation and an honest personal referencing in my relationship with God came in my studies at St. Bonaventure University.  There were places on campus — such as our beautiful chapel and outdoor grotto — that allowed me to explore my own beliefs and connections to the Divine.  I was also invited into a group during my freshman year called “Students for the Mountain.”  Some of our friars lived off-campus in a Franciscan retreat center about 30 minutes away in a mountain setting. As a part of this group, I was able to lead and participate in weekend retreats that allowed our students (as well as other visitors) to regenerate and connect back to themselves in the midst of an often chaotic college life.  Mt. Irenaeus‘ mission was (and still is) to be a place of contemplation and communion — with each other and the Earth itself.

After graduating, getting married, teaching pre-k and 4th grade (and later “retiring” to stay home with my kids),  I continued my studies in the classroom settings of Sonia Choquette, Caroline Myss and Robert Ohotto, in addition to the work of other gifted teachers such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Christiane Northrup, and Judith Orloff.  Through my life experience, and the teachings I’ve studied in, I work every day to embrace the universal truths that all spiritual traditions embody.  I believe there are as many paths as there are people on this earth, on the journey toward the Soul and God.  I’m passionate about  understanding  the connection between the psyche and the soul as it works toward its evolution and unfolding — always toward its greatest potential and sacred path… which quite simply is the authenticity of living a purposeful life.  I’m well studied in the field of “archetypes.”  This term was coined by the visionary psychoanalyst Carl Jung as a description of the basic patterns in our unconscious collective, which are “deposits of the constantly repeated experiences of humanity.”  I’m fascinated by the workings of these forces as they play out in our lives and provide much information about our  journey toward living our lives with purpose and authenticity.

The best way I can describe myself is as a “pragmatic archetypal  intuitive”. Through my readings I offer insight, tools and strategies to move into a more creatively authentic life path.

I’m co-founder  (with my husband, Tony) of Deep Intuition, LLC, which supports and maintains my Soul Finding practice and his own online pursuits.

I graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1993.  I am a member of the International Natural Healers Association (INHA) and completed Level 1 of Sonia Choquette’s Six Sensory® Certification Training .

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