Candles In The Darkness

“Everyone is together all the time. Even God.”

My daughter, (now 18) said this to me when she was 3 years old. All I had to say was, “What do you know about God? Tell me a secret…” At the time I was journaling and questioning, studying and reflecting on many esoteric spiritual concepts. At that point in my life, I was becoming more focused on an inclusive spirituality versus dogmatic religious practice.

candlesHer words spoke to the very well known first Chakra truth:  All is One.

I learned this through one of my very first teachers — Caroline Myss and her groundbreaking book, “Anatomy of the Spirit.”   It’s a worthy read.

All is One. We are all connected. Everyone is together all the time. Even God.

My little 3-year-old brought back the reminder that we are all connected *because* we all have a Divine, God-given Life.  Each of our lives are imprinted with a unique purpose.  We have souls that are sacred and transcendent of our bodies and even of our lives as we understand them. I do believe we have very sacred-contracted purposes that we agreed to with the Creator that sent us here.

What if the difficult, ugly forces of change in our world were here to remind us of that?

What if we were to return to our connection to each other and better nature as a result? What if we were to call on the mystical understanding of forgiveness?

Jesus came to the planet to break the Hammurabi Code . An eye for an eye versus forgiveness and mercy.

To be clear, I don’t have rose-colored glasses. I believe in strong and healthy boundaries. Self-defense. I even started boxing two years ago. My boxing practice brought back my inner mystic. (That’s another post?).

My point is to stay optimistic, compassionate and true to your values during these changing times.

It’s not easy to hold forgiveness as a core value when we witness situations where people use violence as tools to promote destructive agendas. I’ve struggled with it. I still do. This is a chance to look at how we can bring healing to a world that is chaotic and fearful. What gestures of love and service can we still offer each other? Despite how dire life can appear at times, connection, with boundaries, discernment, and compassion is where we want all want to land.

Let’s hold ourselves and everyone suffering through these events in prayer as well.  Light a candle.

“Everyone is together all the time. Even God”.