Soul Finding Resources Sonia Choquette is a life long psychic, who has gone on to write many books, including "The Psychic Pathway", "Your Heart's Desire", and "Trust Your Vibes". Sonia is an incredible teacher and healer, as I've discovered first hand through attending some of her workshops. She is the first teacher I've interacted with that gets you out of your intellect and into your process. Her books, oracle decks and workshops are life-changing in making you connect with and appreciate the wisdom of your own spirit. Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive. She actually reads your energy body and can diagnose blockages or disturbances in your energy field before they manifest into a physical illness. Her book "Anatomy of the Spirit" completely made me look at my life and body from a new perspective. Her adage that "your biography becomes your biology" is empowering and thought-provoking in providing clear, practical examples of how our bodies' energy systems greatly influence our physical bodies and life experiences. Hayhouse is a publishing company created by Louise Hay. Louise has written several books including "You Can Heal Your Life", that paved the way to changing my own patterns and thoughts relating to self-empowerment. Hayhouse radio is a superb resource that allows people to actually hear and interact with their favorite self-help authors and teachers through live radio shows that are streamed through the Internet. Elaine La Joie is an intuitive reader, life coach and lightbody worker. She recently gave me a reading that validated important changes I was going through at the time. I experienced her energenic healing first-hand in connection with a past issue of unresolved grief and disconnection. My session with Elaine gave me a practical, yet profoundly spiritual perspective in allowing me to further move into my path with a sense of empowerment and direction. She can be reached through her Website, (shown above) or by phone 866.301.7354.