Trust the Voice of Your Spirit

My name is Tania Morelli -- as an Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer, and Teacher, I offer services that empower people to recognize their own God-given wisdom and gifts. My intention is to embolden those who are seeking to live their lives from a new perspective of spirit-centered guidance, in a practical way.

Clearing Your Chakras — Your Emotional Body/Guidance System

It is important to tend to your Chakras in terms of their health and balance. The word “Chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit. I've found that the best way to connect with them is to visualize them as spinning spheres of light. We in the Western Culture have not placed significant importance on this aspect of ourselves, through religion or otherwise, although people are becoming more educated on their existence through the popularization of yoga and other meditative mind/body practices. We have hundreds of “energy centers” or Chakras in our Auric field. These Chakras hold the energy of our body and spirit and the emotional messages they impart. The best way to connect to them is to recognize the main seven Chakras. They correspond from the lower parts of our body (feet) to the higher (top of the head). They also vibrate to the color spectrum of the rainbow.

  • Base or Root Chakra (feet, legs, base of the spine, lower intestinal regions) RED—Creates the foundation for your life on the earth…Is most connected to Earth energy—concerns—safety, security, survivability
  • Sacral Chakra (area of the lower back and sexual organs) ORANGE---Is aligned with the senses, feeling at home in the body …expressions of creativity are honored here…both in the literal and the figurative. Connections to others in personal relationships are expressed through the emotions and physicality of this area.
  • Solar Plexus (area above the naval, the stomach area) YELLOW—Is responsible for holding the emotions and manifestations of personal will and sovereignty-- in own’s power in his/her life. Boundary issues can manifest in connection to this area
  • Heart Chakra (area in the center of chest, heart area, upper back) GREEN---the ability to give and receive love…”open heartedness”—concerns….imbalances, such as over-giving or withholding emotional energy can show up here.
  • Throat Chakra (area of the throat region and ears) SKY BLUE—Is the area in which we express our truth—communications and clear hearing are expressed here—This where we process the necessity in learning to speak our truths.
  • Third Eye Chakra (area between the eyebrows)—INDIGO---This is the area that connects us to our intuitive and clear seeing—in the literal and figurative. We process our intuitive guidance and the balance of our intellects in this energy center.
  • Crown Chakra (area at the very top of our heads) VIOLET---This is where we channel our Divine guidance—We are constantly receiving guidance and filtering it through our bodies, minds, and spiritual understanding. This is our connection to God.

As we constantly receive and filter energy on a subtle level through our chakras, at times they can become imbalanced, dependent on the issues we are dealing with on both a conscious and unconscious level. This can lead to emotional distress and in the more extreme case, illness. As all the chakras vibrate from “lowest/root to highest/crown” in rainbow color spectrum, it is easy to scan and visualize them. They will show themselves to be “clogged”, enlarged, or shrunken in response to the variables in our daily lives.

A quick way to clear and balance the chakras is as follows:

Get into a quiet posture and meditative state.

Close your eyes and psychically connect to your chakra system—Allow yourself to imagine the chakras from bottom (root) to top (crown)…Pretend at first, if you’re not sure—but know that you are truly seeing them accurately as they are reflected to you in your “imagination”

Allow white light to engulf each chakra until it is clear and bright and large—The chakra can be made to almost basketball size—(but be sure to visual each of the chakras as the same size)

Connect to each chakra and allow the issues affecting it to be made known to you. (For example, if you have financial concerns, your root chakra may be adversely affected. Affirm that you are perfectly supported and provided for at all times—both physically and financially. This affirmation is a way to program your body and emotional system to become more balanced as you navigate this difficulty in your life)

Bless yourself and appreciate these energy centers—They are constantly in motion and responding to every part of your daily life. Incorporate chakra scans into your morning (during your morning shower, perhaps) and evening (as you relax before sleep) to release those disturbances that may have filtered into your auric field during the course of daily life.
Quick examples of ways in which our bodies can demonstrate imbalance in the chakras include:
An inability to be honest or “speak up for yourself”, can lead to chronic sore throats or thyroid disease

Withholding love and affection as a result of an emotional trauma may later manifest as heart disease

Taking on too many responsibilities and “carrying” other people’s burdens can demonstrate itself eventually as a herniated disc or other back problems.
Now, these are *simplified* examples of how emotional issues can be linked to the core energetic messages of each chakra center. We’re not to feel guilty or bad when illness occurs in our lives!! There are many variables that can contribute to the nature of illness, but it can be very empowering to connect the dots and have co-creative power in optimizing our health and wellness.

Chakras provide a wealth of information in terms of their ability to reflect health or imbalance in various aspects of our lives. Once we embrace the neutral manner in which they mirror back to us those issues that need recognition, we are able to make meaningful changes toward the creation of our optimal health and well being.

Letting go of limiting beliefs

Over the years, as I have undertaken the process of self-excavation, I have discovered many interesting elements that have contributed to the life I am living right now. Many of them are beautiful and have brought me a great deal of joy and accomplishment, while others have been consistent in creating obstacles in my daily life. I would like to explore the nature of our co-creative abilities in a simple, down to earth way, in the hopes that we can all recognize the power of our every day ability to draw to us that which we desire, as well as the not-so-pleasant consequences of our unconscious beliefs.

There are lots of clichés floating around which try to explain the way the world around us works… “Like attracts like”, ”Opposites attract”, “Out of sight, out of mind”, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”… All of these phrases hold an element of truth, despite their seemingly contradictive implications. The key is the degree to which the thought is held. I’ve come to the realization in the last several years that we are extremely powerful, creative beings in every facet of our lives, even when we create “unconsciously” –that is, without deliberate focus of intent. Our deeply held beliefs will help us create by default, on autopilot, if you will—especially when it comes to our fear-based belief systems.

If at a young age, you experienced a poverty consciousness around money, it can later show up in life as a fear of getting ahead financially because the message around money always reflected “there’s never enough”. Or it can go in the direction of “I deserve more, and it’s okay for me to finally receive it”. This belief system is the difference between the person who pulls his/herself up by their bootstraps and can go on to accomplish great success in business and finances, verses the person who suffers at a poverty level for the rest of his/her life. It all begins with the emotions the person experiences around the circumstances of the life situation. It sounds pretty simple, but when one takes a step back from his/her life and does an inventory of the trajectory of one’s life, it often shows patterns that reflect a belief system that was put in place long before.

It takes effort and self honesty to see that life is not a haphazard stream of random events, but that it is possible and even desirable to take the opportunity to paint the canvas of your life in a creative and expressive manner. We come into this life with the purpose of shaping our experiences with a high state of artistry and creative expression. It’s not always as serious as we make it out to be. And this is true on a collective level as well. We are constantly creating the outcomes of our lives on an individual and group consciousness level. This is because we are all spiritually connected; all a part of the Creator. We are only separated by virtue of the fact that we are experiencing our lives in ways that are particular to the lessons and paths that are perfect for each soul’s evolvement. When we look at the patterns we have experienced globally going back to antiquity, there are definite thematic issues that the world was experiencing through the massive insurgence of group energies and thought patterns. (My favorite happens to be the Renaissance…I just love the idea of “re-birth”) smiley

Now, how to apply this idea to every day, “normal” life? It’s pretty simple actually. Just focus on those things you want to create in your life with peace and love in your heart. Connect to your heart---Connect to the sensations you feel when you are at peace and then combine that with your desires.

Here’s a step by step guide to manifestation:

1. Decide what you really want
2. Connect to your Heart Center (Physically place your hand on your heart and feel the surge of love there by focusing on what you love in your life—Express gratitude!)
3. Focus your feelings on what you want to create, from a lovingly grateful perspective (In other words, feel gratitude in advance for your creation)
4. Let it go!

And here’s the most important aspect to manifesting …You need to be in present time. You can’t create in the present by focusing on your past woundings or misery. You can’t create in the now, by getting caught up in some “perfect” future. (My teacher Sonia pointed this out to me when I couldn’t figure out why my ability to manifest the things I wanted in my life was stuck in a holding pattern). You need to be in a present state of love and gratitude to bring more joyful creation into your life. Start by being appreciative of the good in your life now, and it’ll be no time before more great stuff has a way of flowing in. Enjoy the process! (It’s actually a lot of fun smiley)

Finding peace in the midst of holiday stress

As we approach the holidays and find ourselves with more to accomplish before we are able to take part in our celebrations, many of us can feel the anxiety in and around us growing…It is often a challenge to remain peaceful and relaxed while there is still so much left to be done. It’s during these times that our ability to care for our needs can be compromised, yet more than ever it is up to us to embrace the spirit of the season in terms of self love and balance in ourselves. Only by giving ourselves what we need are we able to be authentically generous with others.

I would like to suggest that each of us grab each moment of this joy-filled (finite) season and take the opportunity to do at least one thing daily that brings us peace, happiness or appreciation in the midst of our important obligations. Sometimes we need to be reminded to play the music, watch the holiday tv specials, revel in the beauty of holiday decorations, make the cookies or whatever it takes to wake up the magical childlike part of us that feels the true energy of this time. Maybe some of us would feel better by volunteering or giving generously to those less fortunate in whatever capacity that feels right. Just by opening our hearts more, we’re able to notice all the angelic influences that are manifesting around the planet. (This is the season in which they’re recognized more than any other!) We’re able to practice gratitude more easily…There are so many blessings around us!

Wishing you peace, love and joy during this holy season and throughout the coming year…

The energetic dynamics of giving and receiving

Hi! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to update my blog! Things got very busy all of a sudden! smiley As I sat down to think about what I would like to focus my writing on, I couldn’t help but acknowledge that we are moving into the season of giving, receiving, and enchantment…Starting first with Thanksgiving. I truly feel so grateful for all the gifts in my life!! smiley And I’m equally grateful to be sharing this message with you. A few thoughts come to mind as I delve into this topic.

This time, I’d like to examine the dynamic of giving and receiving. What thoughts come up when I mention these concepts? Do you find it easier and more gratifying to give at this time of year? Do you more easily receive, without guilt? Or do you find yourself comfortable in an equal balance of both giving and receiving? This is an important question, especially as we move into a time in which we can lose our sense of balance as a result of the stresses, obligations and busy-ness that can overwhelm the course of our days and weeks leading up to the holidays. On a personal note, I have had to consciously work on my discomfort in receiving. It’s taken a lot of internal reflection to recognize that I have held onto my own sense of control and “power” by holding off true, graceful, receptivity in my life. This not only reflected in my inability to comfortably receive gifts, but was more especially true in terms of having difficulty in allowing myself to accept supportive and honest expressions of love and trust. By default, my resistance towards receiving would then flow into other aspects of my life. By recognizing that there is truly no difference between giving and receiving, I have been able to move out of this pattern more effectively.

As we move into this holy season, it’s my intention to focus on all the joyful and beautiful reflections of giving and receiving that are occurring on our planet. It's very easy to get caught up in the negativity we are continually exposed to through the media, yet we have the opportunity to create ripple effects of peace and goodness by allowing our true selves to feel and act upon the magic of this time…Let’s all laugh more, play more, and live full out as we become the peace and joy we seek to experience in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Learning to tap into your own intuitive connection

I have noticed recently, as I have begun to share with others the nature of what I do as an intuitive consultant, that there’s a bit of confusion and misunderstanding regarding intuition and psychic ability. Many of us have been taught that psychic abilities can be characterized at their best as “strange” or “scary” and at worst, sacrilegious or downright evil. Actually, the word “psychic” is translated to mean “of the Soul”. Yet, we have been taught to shut down our intrinsic connection to God that comes through our communications from our Souls. Intuition and psychic ability are truly the avenue through which our Spirits follow the highest and best direction our lives are meant to take. Children have easy access to their intuitive hunches because they live through their hearts, not their heads. As they grow, and acclimate to the culture in which we live, that natural tendency to follow their inner guidance can be buried and forgotten in lieu of “practical” intellectual pursuits. The truth about our intuition is that it is the most practical advice you’ll ever get, because it sees the “big picture”, even if you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle in place yet. The voice of intuition is subtle, and unlike the workings of the intellectual mind, it won’t rant and rave to get your attention. When I explain the role of intuition in our lives to my friends and clients, they almost always point out just how much they already knew about the situation they were questioning…but they disregarded the information because they couldn’t prove it! Intuition is not about “right or wrong”, but about guidance that is freely given in the moment. If this idea is contradictory to your belief system, I’d like to suggest that you may want to experiment with the idea of honing your own intuition. At the very least, I’d like you to take a quick “life inventory” and observe all the times in which you “knew better”, “had a hunch”, or disregarded a “bad vibe” about something of importance in your life, and look at the various outcomes to those events. We are wired up to be intuitive! Our intuition expresses itself through the feelings in the heart, not the mind. Intuition is most freely expressed through balanced emotion. This reminds me of a famous expression I have heard that articulates—“The longest journey you will ever make is from the mind to the heart”…How true this is!

Here are a few ways to begin the process of honoring and embracing the messages of your spirit that come through intuitive or psychic impressions:

1. Pay attention to the ideas, feelings and bodily responses that show up related to the situations you want clear guidance on. Our bodies always give us good information related to our life’s circumstances (even when we ignore it). Notice the subtle differences that signify a positive reaction, as well as those that are negative when you are in unfamiliar territory with people or situations.

2. Connect to your heart. Before making a decision or judgement about how to move ahead with choices in front of you, get quiet and listen to the wisdom of your heart…Ask “what do *you* want?” I was given this message many years ago by my 2 and 1/2 year old daughter when I was struggling over making an important life decision. She asked me what was wrong and I responded “Mommy’s just trying to decide something”, and she came over, put her hands on my heart and said “ You just need to listen to your heart, Mommy!” Then, off she went to play and babble in her 2 year old way. Meanwhile, I sat there with my mouth open in shock at the Divine message that had just been given to me. What she taught me is that the most basic way to access your highest guidance is by listening to your heart.

3. Engage in an activity that gets you out of your “mind chatter” and into your body. Exercise, gardening/outdoor work, working with your hands in *any* creatively expressive way is a great opportunity for your intuition to nudge you with thoughts, ideas, or solutions. It is not your imagination (although imagination is a great doorway to intuition), but *true* communications from your Soul that are coming through during these times.

4. Witness the events of your life with loving detachment from drama and over emotionality. When we get bogged down by emotions that are out of control, we have much less access to meaningful guidance. Deep breathing and meditation are great ways to separate ourselves from the perceived crisis in our lives, and allow us to approach our situations from a more enlightened and higher perspective.

There are many more ways to fine tune our intuitive guidance systems and become much more fluent in the language of spirit. I am passionate about teaching these techniques because I find that life becomes much more joyful, peaceful and fun when we live from our Spirits instead of our intellects. I hope you find this to be true for yourself as well smiley

Practicing the art of loving detachment

For many years, before I was aware of my empathic nature, I found myself on a bit of a roller coaster. My body and emotions would run the gamut—fluctuating at times when I wasn’t sure of the cause. What I discovered later was that I was unconsciously “tuning in” to the various emotions or feelings of the people or situations around me. At times this was an uplifting experience, but just as often, it was an overall drain on my own body and emotional health. Once I discovered what was happening, I felt relieved to know that there was nothing really “wrong” with me. I just needed to learn how to “stay in my own skin” (as my teacher, Sonia often advises). It takes practice, but is a skill that can be easily incorporated into one’s daily routine with a little bit of effort. As I have spoken of this dynamic with both my friends and clients, I have discovered just how common this energy exchange can occur in our daily interactions. Here are a few tips to keep you in your own energy and avoid picking up everyone else’s “stuff” smiley

Set the intention to stay grounded in your own energy. This is as simple as waking up in the morning acknowledging the gift of another day and *breathing*…Take a deep breath and say (either inwardly or outwardly) as a prayer, “Thank you God, for the gift of this day and the gift of myself. Help me to honor myself with love.” This sets the tone for you to give yourself what you need without guilt during the course of your day ahead.

Shield yourself in white light. Visualize white light surrounding your body and aura as a protective and gentle barrier. Envision this light as the loving energy of God keeping out lower vibrations and only allowing in loving and supportive energies. Shield yourself as often as you need during the day—before difficult meetings or at any time you may feel “vulnerable”.

Exercise. Any physical activity that really gets your body moving is super effective in getting you grounded into your body. Strength training is great, as is walking, jogging or anything that gets you to break a sweat. When you work out hard, you aren’t managing anyone else but yourself. You’re brought back into your own space.

Meditate. If at any point, you start to feel tapped out and suspect it may be due to factors other than poor diet, lack of sleep or illness, take a breath, center yourself and ask “Is this mine, or someone else’s problem?” Get quiet, breathe, and pay attention to what ideas come through. Breathe mindfully until you feel your body revive.

Take a shower or bath. Water is a purifier and can be a quick way to restore your energy. Adding Epsom or Sea salt to a bath is both a physical and spiritual detoxification trick. Soak until you feel better.

Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. Making healthy food choices is essential in keeping yourself in a grounded, well balanced state. It’s important to have enough protein and unprocessed foods in your overall diet in order to function in a way that won’t leave you vulnerable to energy leaks. Drink lots of water in order to purify the body adequately as well.

Play! Do something that you love. Be creative; let your artist out. By moving into a place of fun and creative expression, you instantly shift out of lower energy emotions such as guilt, obligation, or duty. Often these are the emotions that keep us unnecessarily tied into people in an unhealthy way. Lessen the load by having fun.

Our lives are shared journeys...This is a gift! Yet, part of our soul’s growth is to learn to connect to each other through our hearts and not be drawn into the drama of suffering, obligation and guilt. By staying firmly in the integrity of our own personal space, we are able to love from an unrestricted place of respect and peace. Honoring yourself and your place in the world is necessary, holy and desired by God! I believe this is what Jesus himself taught when he said “Love your neighbor as you love yourself. We are all part of the same Divine Spirit that is God; we are all in constant connection. By seeing your own magnificence, you are able to see it more readily in everyone around you

Recognizing signs of Spirit in the ordinary

One thing I’ve noticed as I have become connected to my intuitive guidance is the frequency in which messages come to me in the form of subtle signs. I started paying attention to them during those times when I really *needed* my prayers answered—And fast! I would pray with intensity and then sit back to see the acknowledgment of my prayers. It was at that point that I started to recognize the patterns my guides and angels would use to let me know that everything was working out---and not to worry!

One of now-favorite signs my guides use are birds. A few years ago, when my husband was out of work, I really went into high gear in my prayers concerning his gainful employment. I prayed. I meditated. I begged! Finally, when I could muster up some moments of surrender (which is necessary in the process), I started noticing things. I had a dream about 2 yellow birds. This dream just felt like a message for some reason, so I jotted down the details and even looked up the significance of birds in terms of dream interpretation. What I found was that yellow birds could signify good news---even specifically in terms of finances. Woo hoo! I felt hopeful. Three weeks later, my husband got a job, and he's still there now. Since that point, every time I see yellow birds, I get excited. I have seen my “money birds” (as I now affectionately call them) at certain points in the last several years. Wanna guess when? That’s right--right before something financially positive happens--a raise, a bonus, or an unexpected tax refund. I really love my money birds! smiley Now, I more accurately recognize them as my “abundance guides”, giving me a little heads-up about what is going on with my finances. I also pay attention to my internal cues as I see and take notice of these various signs around me. I check into my own inner awareness as a way of really knowing what is going on. The symbols are great, but they also need to support my own inner guidance, in order for them to be of any true value. Oh, and by the way, I also see cardinals and blue jays show up as messengers related to other issues going on in my life. More on them another time… Other examples of spiritual signs might include, butterflies showing up, flower symbols (or the smell of certain flowers), or even pennies or coins being found in unexpected places. These are just a few of the ways we might notice our angels and guides communicating with us.

The great thing about spiritual signs is that they are as unique as you are! They are reminders and validations that you are heard, loved and supported by the Creator. God sends us these messages so that they can be interpreted through the feelings in our hearts, not our intellectual minds (brilliant as they may be) smiley On those days when you need a tangible connection to your own angels and guides, ask for a sign! But don’t forget to pay attention to what’s around you…Our spirit helpers love to surprise us!! smiley