Clearing Your Chakras — Your Emotional Body/Guidance System

It is important to tend to your Chakras in terms of their health and balance. The word "Chakra" means "wheel" in Sanskrit. I've found that the best way to connect with them is to visualize them as spinning spheres of light. We in the Western Culture have not placed significant importance on this aspect of ourselves, through religion or otherwise, although people are becoming more educated on their existence through the popularization of yoga and other meditative mind/body practices. We have hundreds of "energy centers" or Chakras in our Auric field. These Chakras hold the energy of our body and spirit and the emotional messages they impart. The best way to connect to them is to recognize the main seven Chakras. They correspond from the lower parts of our body (feet) to the higher (top of the head). They also vibrate to the color spectrum of the rainbow.

  • Base or Root Chakra (feet, legs, base of the spine, lower intestinal regions) RED—Creates the foundation for your life on the earth... Is most connected to Earth energy—concerns—safety, security, survivability.
  • Sacral Chakra (area of the lower back and sexual organs) ORANGE—Is aligned with the senses, feeling at home in the body ... expressions of creativity are honored here... both in the literal and the figurative. Connections to others in personal relationships are expressed through the emotions and physicality of this area.
  • Solar Plexus (area above the naval, the stomach area) YELLOW—Is responsible for holding the emotions and manifestations of personal will and sovereignty-- in one's power in his/her life. Boundary issues can manifest in connection to this area.
  • Heart Chakra (area in the center of chest, heart area, upper back) GREEN—The ability to give and receive love... "open-heartedness"—concerns... imbalances, such as over-giving or withholding emotional energy can show up here.
  • Throat Chakra (area of the throat region and ears) SKY BLUE—Is the area in which we express our truth—communications and clear hearing are expressed here—This is where we process the necessity in learning to speak our truths.
  • Third Eye Chakra (area between the eyebrows) INDIGO—This is the area that connects us to our intuitive and clear seeing—in the literal and figurative. We process our intuitive guidance and the balance of our intellects in this energy center.
  • Crown Chakra (area at the very top of our heads) VIOLET—This is where we channel our Divine guidance—We are constantly receiving guidance and filtering it through our bodies, minds, and spiritual understanding. This is our connection to God.

As we constantly receive and filter energy on a subtle level through our chakras, at times they can become imbalanced, dependent on the issues we are dealing with on both a conscious and unconscious level. This can lead to emotional distress and, in the more extreme case, illness. As all the chakras vibrate from "lowest/root to highest/crown" in the rainbow color spectrum, it is easy to scan and visualize them. They will show themselves to be "clogged", enlarged, or shrunken in response to the variables in our daily lives.

Get into a quiet posture and meditative state.

Close your eyes and psychically connect to your chakra system—Allow yourself to imagine the chakras from bottom (root) to top (crown)... Pretend at first, if you're not sure—but know that you are truly seeing them accurately as they are reflected to you in your "imagination."

Allow white light to engulf each chakra until it is clear and bright and large—The chakra can be made to almost basketball size—(but be sure to visualize each of the chakras as the same size).

Connect to each chakra and allow the issues affecting it to be made known to you. (For example, if you have financial concerns, your root chakra may be adversely affected. Affirm that you are perfectly supported and provided for at all times—both physically and financially. This affirmation is a way to program your body and emotional system to become more balanced as you navigate this difficulty in your life).

Bless yourself and appreciate these energy centers—They are constantly in motion and responding to every part of your daily life. Incorporate chakra scans into your morning (during your morning shower, perhaps) and evening (as you relax before sleep) to release those disturbances that may have filtered into your auric field during the course of daily life.

An inability to be honest or "speak up for yourself" can lead to chronic sore throats or thyroid disease.

Withholding love and affection as a result of an emotional trauma may later manifest as heart disease.

Taking on too many responsibilities and "carrying" other people's burdens can demonstrate itself eventually as a herniated disc or other back problems.

Now, these are simplified examples of how emotional issues can be linked to the core energetic messages of each chakra center. We're not to feel guilty or bad when illness occurs in our lives!! There are many variables that can contribute to the nature of illness, but it can be very empowering to connect the dots and have co-creative power in optimizing our health and wellness.

Chakras provide a wealth of information in terms of their ability to reflect health or imbalance in various aspects of our lives. Once we embrace the neutral manner in which they mirror back to us those issues that need recognition, we are able to make meaningful changes toward the creation of our optimal health and well-being.