My Writings

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

An exploration of how our deeply held beliefs unconsciously shape our lives, and a guide to manifesting desires through gratitude and presence.

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The Energetic Dynamics of Giving and Receiving

A personal reflection on the importance of balance in giving and receiving during the holiday season, encouraging a focus on joy and receptivity.

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Finding Peace in the Midst of Holiday Stress

Encouragement to find peace and joy during the hectic holiday season by embracing self-care and gratitude, and engaging in activities that resonate with the festive spirit.

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Practicing the Art of Loving Detachment

A guide for empaths on maintaining personal energy and emotional health through practices like grounding, visualization, exercise, and creative play.

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Recognizing Signs of Spirit in the Ordinary

A reflection on recognizing and interpreting personal signs from spirit guides and angels, emphasizing the importance of inner guidance in understanding these messages.

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Learning to Tap Into Your Own Intuitive Connection

The article demystifies intuition and psychic abilities, advocating for a deeper understanding and connection with one's own intuitive guidance for a more fulfilled life.

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Clearing Your Chakras — Your Emotional Body/Guidance System

Learn about the significance of the seven main chakras, how to visualize and maintain their balance, and the impact of chakra health on emotional and physical well-being. Discover simple practices for chakra cleansing and the role of chakras in reflecting life's issues.

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Other Resources

I've assembled links to some of my mentors and teachers I admire. I recommend them as a resource for your own journey!

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