Letting go of limiting beliefs

Over the years, as I have undertaken the process of self-excavation, I have discovered many interesting elements that have contributed to the life I am living right now. Many of them are beautiful and have brought me a great deal of joy and accomplishment, while others have been consistent in creating obstacles in my daily life. I would like to explore the nature of our co-creative abilities in a simple, down to earth way, in the hopes that we can all recognize the power of our everyday ability to draw to us that which we desire, as well as the not-so-pleasant consequences of our unconscious beliefs.

There are lots of clichés floating around which try to explain the way the world around us works... "Like attracts like", "Opposites attract", "Out of sight, out of mind", "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"... All of these phrases hold an element of truth, despite their seemingly contradictive implications. The key is the degree to which the thought is held. I've come to the realization in the last several years that we are extremely powerful, creative beings in every facet of our lives, even when we create "unconsciously" — that is, without deliberate focus of intent. Our deeply held beliefs will help us create by default, on autopilot, if you will — especially when it comes to our fear-based belief systems.

If at a young age, you experienced a poverty consciousness around money, it can later show up in life as a fear of getting ahead financially because the message around money always reflected "there's never enough". Or it can go in the direction of "I deserve more, and it's okay for me to finally receive it". This belief system is the difference between the person who pulls himself/herself up by their bootstraps and can go on to accomplish great success in business and finances, versus the person who suffers at a poverty level for the rest of his/her life. It all begins with the emotions the person experiences around the circumstances of the life situation. It sounds pretty simple, but when one takes a step back from his/her life and does an inventory of the trajectory of one's life, it often shows patterns that reflect a belief system that was put in place long before.

It takes effort and self-honesty to see that life is not a haphazard stream of random events, but that it is possible and even desirable to take the opportunity to paint the canvas of your life in a creative and expressive manner. We come into this life with the purpose of shaping our experiences with a high state of artistry and creative expression. It's not always as serious as we make it out to be. And this is true on a collective level as well. We are constantly creating the outcomes of our lives on an individual and group consciousness level. This is because we are all spiritually connected; all a part of the Creator. We are only separated by virtue of the fact that we are experiencing our lives in ways that are particular to the lessons and paths that are perfect for each soul's evolvement. When we look at the patterns we have experienced globally going back to antiquity, there are definite thematic issues that the world was experiencing through the massive insurgence of group energies and thought patterns. (My favorite happens to be the Renaissance... I just love the idea of "re-birth")

Now, how to apply this idea to every day, "normal" life? It's pretty simple actually. Just focus on those things you want to create in your life with peace and love in your heart. Connect to your heart—Connect to the sensations you feel when you are at peace and then combine that with your desires.

Here's a step by step guide to manifestation:

  1. Decide what you really want
  2. Connect to your Heart Center (Physically place your hand on your heart and feel the surge of love there by focusing on what you love in your life—Express gratitude!)
  3. Focus your feelings on what you want to create, from a lovingly grateful perspective (In other words, feel gratitude in advance for your creation)
  4. Let it go!

And here's the most important aspect to manifesting ... You need to be in present time. You can't create in the present by focusing on your past woundings or misery. You can't create in the now, by getting caught up in some "perfect" future. You need to be in a present state of love and gratitude to bring more joyful creation into your life. Start by being appreciative of the good in your life now, and it'll be no time before more great stuff has a way of flowing in. Enjoy the process! (It's actually a lot of fun)