Recognizing Signs of Spirit in the Ordinary

One thing I've noticed as I have become connected to my intuitive guidance is the frequency in which messages come to me in the form of subtle signs. I started paying attention to them during those times when I really needed my prayers answered — And fast! I would pray with intensity and then sit back to see the acknowledgment of my prayers. It was at that point that I started to recognize the patterns my guides and angels would use to let me know that everything was working out — and not to worry!

One of my now-favorite signs my guides use are birds. A few years ago, when my husband was out of work, I really went into high gear in my prayers concerning his gainful employment. I prayed. I meditated. I begged! Finally, when I could muster up some moments of surrender (which is necessary in the process), I started noticing things. I had a dream about 2 yellow birds. This dream just felt like a message for some reason, so I jotted down the details and even looked up the significance of birds in terms of dream interpretation. What I found was that yellow birds could signify good news — even specifically in terms of finances. Woo hoo! I felt hopeful. Three weeks later, my husband got a job, and he's still there now. Since that point, every time I see yellow birds, I get excited. I have seen my "money birds" (as I now affectionately call them) at certain points in the last several years. Wanna guess when? That's right — right before something financially positive happens--a raise, a bonus, or an unexpected tax refund. I really love my money birds! Now, I more accurately recognize them as my "abundance guides", giving me a little heads-up about what is going on with my finances. I also pay attention to my internal cues as I see and take notice of these various signs around me. I check into my own inner awareness as a way of really knowing what is going on. The symbols are great, but they also need to support my own inner guidance, in order for them to be of any true value. Oh, and by the way, I also see cardinals and blue jays show up as messengers related to other issues going on in my life. More on them another time... Other examples of spiritual signs might include butterflies showing up, flower symbols (or the smell of certain flowers), or even pennies or coins being found in unexpected places. These are just a few of the ways we might notice our angels and guides communicating with us.

The great thing about spiritual signs is that they are as unique as you are! They are reminders and validations that you are heard, loved and supported by the Creator. God sends us these messages so that they can be interpreted through the feelings in our hearts, not our intellectual minds (brilliant as they may be). On those days when you need a tangible connection to your own angels and guides, ask for a sign! But don't forget to pay attention to what's around you... Our spirit helpers love to surprise us!!