Finding Peace in the Midst of Holiday Stress

As we approach the holidays and find ourselves with more to accomplish before we are able to take part in our celebrations, many of us can feel the anxiety in and around us growing... It is often a challenge to remain peaceful and relaxed while there is still so much left to be done. It's during these times that our ability to care for our needs can be compromised, yet more than ever it is up to us to embrace the spirit of the season in terms of self-love and balance in ourselves. Only by giving ourselves what we need are we able to be authentically generous with others.

I would like to suggest that each of us grab each moment of this joy-filled (finite) season and take the opportunity to do at least one thing daily that brings us peace, happiness, or appreciation in the midst of our important obligations. Sometimes we need to be reminded to play the music, watch the holiday TV specials, revel in the beauty of holiday decorations, make the cookies or whatever it takes to wake up the magical childlike part of us that feels the true energy of this time. Maybe some of us would feel better by volunteering or giving generously to those less fortunate in whatever capacity that feels right. Just by opening our hearts more, we're able to notice all the angelic influences that are manifesting around the planet. (This is the season in which they're recognized more than any other!) We're able to practice gratitude more easily... There are so many blessings around us!

Wishing you peace, love, and joy during this holy season and throughout the coming year...